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Traffic restrictions 01 - 04.05.2017

The traffic of trucks over 12 tons on the motorways and the busiest roads from May 1 to 4, is limited, the Road Infrastructure Agency announced.

The movement is limited in the hourly range from 14:00 to 20:00.

The goal is to increase safety, increase the capacity of the infrastructure, and drivers' safety at the end of the holidays - claim ARI.

Drivers must drive carefully and within the speed limit, avoid sudden maneuvers and observe the restrictions, road signs and directions of Traffic Police, which monitors and takes the necessary action to organize the movement.

There will be limited traffic of trucks over 12 tons on the following sections of the republican network:


• road I-1 Rebarkovo - Botevgrad, the traffic is redirected on the road II-16 Rebarkovo - Svoge - Sofia;

• Road I-1 - Stage connection of Lot 2 of Struma Motorway at Blagoevgrad - Kulata Border;

• I-4 p. Koritna  - Veliko Tarnovo - Shumen;

• road I-5 Ruse - Veliko Tarnovo;

• Road I-8 "Kalotina" border crossing - Sofia;

• road I-9 Varna - Burgas;

• road II-18 Sofia Ring Road;

• road II-99 Burgas - Tsarevo.

The ban does not apply to vehicles carrying perishable food, temperature, livestock and dangerous goods (ADR) loads.

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