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Mandatory vignette stickers

OT SOLUTIONS would like to notify its customers about changes in the Bulgarian Roads Act and possible difficulties in the processing of passenger traffic at the Bulgarian border checkpoint between June and September 2017. The changes are related to each road vehicle that will use the road network in Bulgaria will be obliged to hold a valid vignette fee document for the respective category of vehicle in the specialized unit of the Customs Agency at the respective border checkpoint. Payment of the vignette fee is possible only by card via POS terminal.

The Customs Administration from now on will be obliged to sell vignette stickers upon enterring the country of Bulgaria. For extended period that goes over 1 week it is recommended to purchase a sticker with a longer validity.

The Customs Agency takes the necessary measures to prevent the accumulation of road vehicles in the period June - September 2017 at the border checkpoints of Bulgaria.

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OT Solutions goes to the South

After many years of collaboration with the ferry operators in northern Europe, OT Solutions LTD now can provide their services in the south. Thanks to our new partners from Grimaldi Group, no we can offer solutions for your ferry crossings from Greece to Italy and from Italy to Spain.

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Trustworthy Company

On 09.08.2017 SOLUTIONS LTD received the "Trustworthy Company" certificate for 2017. Certified firms are the ones who have impeccable reputation both in front of their clients and their counterparts. OT SOLUTIONS have been honoured for its professionalism and honesty in the business relations. These certificates are internationally recognised and recognisable. 

Why SOLUTIONS has been awarded the "Trustworthy Company" certificate?

The Customer Opinion Research Centre (ICCNM) certifies the excellent reputation and label in business management, as well as the correct attitude of OT SOLUTIONS to the obligations towards its clients and contractors.

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